MARGUS Biocide Collar

for Large Dogs

Regular use of MARGUS biocidal collar protects your dog from fleas and ticks. This preparation is intended for a preventive protection not for a treatment of acute diseases. In case of a strong environmental flea infestation treat all fabrics, carpets and parquet floors at your home with MARGUS Vapo Gun spray.

  • Protection secured just in 3 hours after application
  • Effective immediately after opening the packaging with no need to tear the collar
  • Protects the animal for at least 3 months (1 month against ticks and 3 months against fleas)
  • Water resistant – wetting or soaking of the collar does not shorten the effect
  • Only with a slight herbal aroma, which does not disturb the animal
Size:70 cm
Active substance:Natural extract Margosa 0.85g
  • The collar is effective immediately after opening the packaging with no need to tear the collar. Open the packaging just before application. 
  • Leave a space for two fingers between the collar and animal´s coat 
  • Cut off the overlapping part of the collar and put it in a favorite place of your animal (bed, cushions...)


Use biocides in a safe manner.
Always read the label and product information before use.

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Fleas and ticks are parasites that are able to infest the environment and could damage the health of your pets. MARGUS biocidal products protect both the animals and the environment safely and effectively.

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